Additional Services

Gym To You offers a range of additional services that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We believe that a well-rounded approach to fitness is best way to keep you motivated and looking ahead. Gym classes, program writing and nutritional advice are all part of the service we provide. We even run a free session for members on some weekends!

Gym To You also offers personal training at our studio in Jamison. If you prefer to train indoors in a gym environment then we have the solution for you. Unlike many gyms, our studio is strictly for personal training, meaning it is never crowded. With easy access and free parking, our studio also offers showers and change room facilities.

We offer a variety of classes each week including Boxercise, Barbell Strength, Stretching & Flexibility and more. All classes are subject to availability and are run on a 10 week term by term basis. A detailed description of all the classes can be emailed upon request.

Our FREE session on most Saturdays offers a challenging yet fun change-up to your regular exercise routine. Sessions usually consist of a walk up Mt Ainslie or Mt Taylor and may include boxing, kettle bell carries or other exercises to break up the workout. All of these sessions encourage team work and a friendly environment ensuring nobody is left behind!